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Many of us will be heading into the long Easter Weekend, so don't forget to pack your trekking shoes and bring your smile as it's the perfect time to...

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Creating and being the change does not have to an act as big as the Empire State Building.
You can inspire change simply by coming alive yourself.

Turn off the lights

With Earth Hour around the corner, it's time for us to remember to turn off the lights. And since they're going to be hanging about anyway, dress your lights up for that moment when they do come back on.

Need a little inspiration to get stylin'? Look no further, I've got it covered.

Got a few graters lying about in the kitchen? Put them back to use with this great design. Okay, you may have to head to the second hand store and to ask a friend for their grater to complete the look.

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There's No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool

Welcome to the state of Maine where in the town of Liberty lies an especially unique hardware store.
Liberty Tool was established by H.G. "Skip" Brack in 1976. What makes Liberty Tool so unique is the beautiful collection and assortment that Brack stocks within the store.

Inside you'll find tools from as early as yesterday dating all the way back to the "early days of the revolution" as mentioned by Brack. By stocking antique tools, Liberty Tool is supporting a local sustainable economy with Liberty.

Now, see it all for yourself with this beautifully shot video from the Etsy Blog.

Be the Somebody Who Does Something

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Germany's First Waste Free Supermarket

Jendrik Schrรถder for Original Unverpackt
Germany has done it again. Not only is the nation leading the way with its efforts in renewable energy and targets, this Summer in the north, Germany will have its first waste free supermarket.
It can often be difficult to lead a waste free life, especially as so many of our favourite products come wrapped in unsustainable and unrecyclable packaging. Disillusioned with the amount of plastic involved in supermarket shopping, that's exactly what drove Sara Wolf and Miena Glimbovski to create this wonderful idea that is soon to become a reality. 

It's Always Been About Collective Power

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Turtle Rescue

It's Monday! So let's start the week off with this beautiful moment captured on camera.

Along the coast off Mexico, two divers spotted a turtle tangled in a rope. While Cameron Dietrich untangled the turtle, his dive partner, Colin Sutton filmed the rescue.

If that wasn't incredible enough, once freed, the turtle turned and swam back to Dietrich, as if to say 'thank you'. Check out the heartwarming video for yourself, below.