Germany's First Waste Free Supermarket

Jendrik Schrรถder for Original Unverpackt
Germany has done it again. Not only is the nation leading the way with its efforts in renewable energy and targets, this Summer in the north, Germany will have its first waste free supermarket.
It can often be difficult to lead a waste free life, especially as so many of our favourite products come wrapped in unsustainable and unrecyclable packaging. Disillusioned with the amount of plastic involved in supermarket shopping, that's exactly what drove Sara Wolf and Miena Glimbovski to create this wonderful idea that is soon to become a reality. 

It's Always Been About Collective Power

1 Million Women

Turtle Rescue

It's Monday! So let's start the week off with this beautiful moment captured on camera.

Along the coast off Mexico, two divers spotted a turtle tangled in a rope. While Cameron Dietrich untangled the turtle, his dive partner, Colin Sutton filmed the rescue.

If that wasn't incredible enough, once freed, the turtle turned and swam back to Dietrich, as if to say 'thank you'. Check out the heartwarming video for yourself, below.

UN Messenger of Peace

Being out of any wifi connection last week meant that I missed all the excitement surrounding the UN Climate Summit in New York City.

Just in case you did too, here is the newly appointed UN Messenger of Peace, Leonardo DiCaprio at the opening of the Climate Summit with his inspirational speech.



Guilt Free Gift Packaging

The Sweet Occassion

It seems like the countdown to Christmas has began! Well, according to some of my friends who have began the countdown anyway.

But who wouldn't be excited for Christmas? We get to join our family and friends, celebrate together over good food and drinks and unwrap all those wonderful gifts we are showered with!

However, our merry gift giving is soon followed by a sea of plastic and wrapping scattered over our living room floors, which pile up into large bags of rubbish, soon to be thrown out the door and into the garbage bins for collection. That eventual mix of rubbish is a dreaded recipe for our environment, made up of plastic packaging boxes, bubble wrap, twisty, bendy wires which hold toys in place and everything in between.

Among Giants

By the time 'Among Giants' was filmed, an environmental activist, "Farmer" had already spent three years tree sitting a grove of ancient redwood trees in Northern California.

Take a look into the life of the "Farmer" who lives among the trees, in order to save them.