There are a lot of problems facing the world; man-made climate change, poverty, greed, economic collapse, starvation, homelessness, unhappiness and so forth. The list doesn’t ever seem to end. Most people do want to do something to help those around them, however, with so many problems staring you in the face, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and shut it all out, right?

Well, that’s where Project Seeds comes in. Positivity breeds positivity. It has a flow on effect that can create great movements of change. So don’t feel overwhelmed and guilty any longer! You are not helpless when it comes to changing the world and the people around you. Sometimes it just takes small steps in a collective whole.

But what are these changes I’m talking about? They can be as simple as turning off an unused light bulb, purchasing fair trade coffee, signing a petition, sharing a great book or movie, or making someone smile. It’s as easy as that.

I now invite you to come along and plant these small seeds of hope and change and watch them become joyous and positive movements for an amazing tomorrow, today. 

A Quick Introduction

Hi, I'm Liz, a twenty-something year old from Sydney, Australia. Currently, I'm living out a dream that I've had for many years now, and that's too travel across Latin America. Along the way, I've seen the most incredibly breathtaking landscapes and natural beauties, which proves to me even more than before, that we need to take care of Our Earth.

I've often been called naive and described as having my head in the clouds. But I'd rather wear rosy coloured spectacles and work towards a happy and sustainable future then be a grumpy 'realist' with little to no hope. 

I started Project Seeds after completing a series of mini episodes teaching kids about man-made climate change as part of my final University project. I used Project Seeds as a blog to explore anything climate change related; from eco-friendly products, designs to the effects of climate change and everything in between.

My ultimate goal in life? To live a happy, fulfilled and spiritual life full of pleasures and spoils. The only difference I aim for is that the spoils don't come as a negative expense to anyone else. 


At Project Seeds, I hope to share all things inspiring, interesting and encouraging of the good life; a life that's eco friendly, sustainable, happy, self empowering and amazing! At times I may blog about products, services, events etc that I may come across. Other times these posts may be sponsored. However, that does not mean in anyway that I don't believe them to be exciting or cooler than products that I am not sponsored for.

But in order to be transparent to you, my reader, things that are sponsored will have the below symbol to indicate this. I promise to only sponsor things that I find interesting or amazingly cool, like wine corks that are made of discarded bombs!

If you have any questions about this, or would like a sponsor spot, feel free to contact me.