Turn off the lights

With Earth Hour around the corner, it's time for us to remember to turn off the lights. And since they're going to be hanging about anyway, dress your lights up for that moment when they do come back on.

Need a little inspiration to get stylin'? Look no further, I've got it covered.

Got a few graters lying about in the kitchen? Put them back to use with this great design. Okay, you may have to head to the second hand store and to ask a friend for their grater to complete the look.

via Pinterest

Finished a painting project but have no idea what to do with all those painting sticks?
Let Shelterness illuminate the way...

via Shelterness

The most creative use I've ever come up with for a champagne or wine cork was to use it as a picture holder by cutting a slight slit into the top. Thankfully, Alkesh Parmar has been a lot more creative than me!

via Recyclart

Rather than throwing out your pens when they've run out of ink, hold onto them a little longer with this great lampshade.

via Trendhunter


  1. Whoa, those corks look darn awesome! :3 Cool graters too!

    1. Aren't they amazing! The creators are so clever!

  2. All of them are amazing, thanks for your sharing!