Germany's First Waste Free Supermarket

Jendrik Schröder for Original Unverpackt
Germany has done it again. Not only is the nation leading the way with its efforts in renewable energy and targets, this Summer in the north, Germany will have its first waste free supermarket.
It can often be difficult to lead a waste free life, especially as so many of our favourite products come wrapped in unsustainable and unrecyclable packaging. Disillusioned with the amount of plastic involved in supermarket shopping, that's exactly what drove Sara Wolf and Miena Glimbovski to create this wonderful idea that is soon to become a reality. 

Around two years in the making, Original Unverpackt, the package free supermarket will be located in the city of Berlin. Products will be sold in bulk and housed in upside-sown containers, known as gravity bins. Customers will simply need to use a lever to determine the quantity of the product that they desire, rather than having to purchase a pre-packaged amount.

Jendrik Schröder for Original Unverpackt
In order to reduce transportation costs and pollution, Original Unverpackt will source a majority of their food from local suppliers. The groundbreaking waste free supermarket will also include organic goods, non-food cleaning and cosmetic products based on the team's 'Zero Waste' policy. 

And just in case you forget to bring your own container when shopping, reusable containers can be purchased from within the store, with paper bags also available.

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