Sweden is Making Rubbish Their Business

Is it possible for less than one percent of a country's waste to reach landfill? Despite that the average Swede produces 461 kg of waste per year, the Scandinavian country of Sweden is proving just that.

This works out to be 404 million tonnes of waste produced every year. However, that's still not enough waste for Sweden who now import around 800,000 tonnes of waste per year from countries such as the UK, Italy, Norway and Ireland.

So, what is Sweden doing so differently to the rest of the world, where a majority of waste does not reach landfill?

In a program that is considered as controversial by some, Sweden incinerates over 200 million tonnes of waste every year, converting it into energy. Three tonnes of waste contains as much as enough energy as one tonne of fuel.

Check out the video below to learn more about the waste incinerating program.

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