Guilt Free Gift Packaging

The Sweet Occassion

It seems like the countdown to Christmas has began! Well, according to some of my friends who have began the countdown anyway.

But who wouldn't be excited for Christmas? We get to join our family and friends, celebrate together over good food and drinks and unwrap all those wonderful gifts we are showered with!

However, our merry gift giving is soon followed by a sea of plastic and wrapping scattered over our living room floors, which pile up into large bags of rubbish, soon to be thrown out the door and into the garbage bins for collection. That eventual mix of rubbish is a dreaded recipe for our environment, made up of plastic packaging boxes, bubble wrap, twisty, bendy wires which hold toys in place and everything in between.

According to the European Union Euro Stat, an average of 159 kg of packaging was thrown out in 2011 by each person of the EU-27. In the US, about one third of municipal council waste is made up of discarded packaging, as mentioned by Inspiration Green.

So what are the alternatives? What are we meant to do when it comes to packaging our beautiful gifts at Christmas time, for birthdays and other special occasions throughout the year?

Well, it is a relief to say that many businesses and companies around the world are making the transition to using either recyclable or  biodegradable packaging or both!

One such business is Packqueen, who, as the name suggests, makes it their business to look after everything that is packaging. By offering a bio-degradable and recyclable line of gift boxes, Packqueen and the team of women behind the label, allow you to send and present gifts in a guilt free manner.

In order to show their love for the Earth, Packqueen encourages consumers to switch to biodegradable packaging because not only is it cheaper, the packages decompose naturally in a process that normally takes up to 12 weeks. Of course, this is a much better option than plastics, which may take hundreds of years to decompose.

Their packaging boxes are plain canvases where you can unleash your creativity and personalise your special gift for that special person. Don't be fooled, however, these gift boxes are sturdy little things that do not require any plastic tape or glue to spring to life. It's as simple as folding the flat packs into place.

Of course, with Christmas on the way, you may need some inspiration to turn these lovely boxes...


into these...

Melissa Mercier and Home Life
Design Sponge and Copy e Paste

Simply add some twine, paper cuttings and a touch of green and floral nature for a gift your loved ones won't want to open, so as not to ruin your artwork!

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