'Power to the People'

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'Power to the People' a Four Corners report, first aired in Australia on 7th July. Lucky for us who missed the report, we can still catch it on the ABC's Four Corners website. But what is 'Power to the People' all about?

Reporter, Stephen Long traveled to California, USA to have a look at how successive governments have legislated  for one third of the state's power source to be from a renewable resource.

He also met up with an Australian entrepreneur who left Australia to establish a solar company in the US, which is now worth multi-millions of dollars.

In addition, Long also discovers a solar farm that not only creates energy from the sun but is able to store the energy created in a salt crystal power. The aim is for this farm to eventually power the lights of Las Vegas.

However, while many countries around the world are embracing the alternative energies that renewable energy represents, the current Australian Government has been lobbied by the big coal and gas corporations to wind back established renewable energy targets. By the end of the decade, these targets, if left in place, would see 20 percent of Australia's power produced from renewable resources.

While the country is rich in coal and gas resources, it is also abundantly rich in alternative sources. The decision by the government to support Big Coal and Gas corporations in favour of renewable energy is not only irresponsible for the future of Australians but for people from all around the world, as man made climate change continues to effect the globe.

Is there a war being waged against renewable energies? How is the rest of the world moving forward with alternative energies?

Watch 'Power to the People' to find out. Simply follow this link to view the full report.

As always, it is not to late for you to have your say. To save the Renewable Energy Target, follow this link to take Action Now by signing Greenpeace Australia Pacific's petition. Of course, you can always head to Facebook and Twitter, to spread the word.

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