In a Sea of Garbage


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces 2kg of garbage per day. That's 13 kg per week and 726 kg of waste per year. But could you ever imagine laying in your very own waste?

Well, that's exactly what photographer, Gregg Segal asked his friends, neighbours and some relative strangers to do! In his project, '7 Days of Garbage', Segal aimed to include a range of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds and  asked to compile their garbage for a week.

According to Segal, some people did 'edit' what they brought along to the shoot. In Slate, Segal mentions that "Of course there were some people who edited their stuff... I think they didn't want to include really foul stuff so it was just packaging without the foul gargbage. Other people didn't edit and there were some nasty things that made for a stronger image".

And strong and striking the photographs definitely are. With '7 Days of Garbage', we are brought to question what we consume and how we dispose of the after product that is waste. Familiar items can be seen in the photographs and immediately identified with, from fruits scraps to the discarded egg carton and everything in between.
"Obviously, the series is guiding people toward a confrontation with the excess that's part of their lives. I'm hoping they recognise a lot of garbage they produce is unnecessary," Segal said.

To see more of Segal's captivating photographs, head over to Slate.

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