Unique and Personal Wedding Favours

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Weddings. So much organisation, design and thought goes into making that big day, well, perfect!
Luckily we've complied some cute bonbonniere/ wedding favour ideas so you don't have to. Get that coffee and keep scrolling through.


These cute little pot plants can be purchased on Etsy. However, if you're the DIY kind of person, let your imagination run free with how you could say 'thank you' on the rustic flags.


Glass jars are perfect as they can always be reused by your guests. They can be filled with lollies, macaroons or biscuits, the possibilities are endless! Plus you can always add cute individuals thank you cards, stickers and ribbons.


Otherwise, it's just as easy to slip in a handmade note, printed on recycled paper, of course, inside of the jar!


There's nothing that can make the day sweeter like a cherry on top, actually, make that several cherries!

Martha Stewart

Last but not least, personalised notebooks are a great idea. Not only is it another gift that keeps on giving, it's another opportunity for you to let your imagination take the reins! But wait, don't stop there, how about a hand sewn journal?

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