Japanese Whaling Banned in the Southern Ocean

Have you heard the amazing news? The International Court of Justice has ruled that Japan must immediately halt all whaling programs in Antarctica, which were not held for scientific purposes.

Although, the ruling does not prevent Japan from hunting whales in the name of science, the court did find that their government subsidised whaling programs in the Southern Ocean were not for scientific purposes, as claimed. The court also stated that the number of whales, which have been killed was not justifiable under such claims

Under Japan's current program, JARPA II, which has been running since 2005, approximately 3,600 minke whales have been killed in the Southern Ocean.  The government argued that their whaling practices were sustainable. However, with the new ruling, the Japanese government has advised that they will abide by the court's decisions, however, were "disappointed" with the findings.

Japan is a part of the 1946 Treaty and moratorium on whaling, which it signed in 1986. However, if Japan were to withdraw from the above signings, it would be free to continue whaling. The good news is that in addition to the recent ban by the International Court, Greenpeace will continue the fight against commercial whaling in our oceans.

To find out more about the ruling and to help the cause against commercial whaling, head over to Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

Image: Greenpeace Australia Pacific

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