If you haven't seen the documentary 'HOME' yet, leave this page and watch it now!

Home, was released in 2009 and is composed entirely of beautifully filmed aerial shots of our world. Filmed by Yann Arthus-Berthard, the documentary looks at our Earth and explores the way humans have interrupted the natural balance in the last 200,000 years and how we are continuing to do so.

It took Yann Arthus-Berthard and his film crew almost three years to shoot Home, which was filmed in 120 different locations over 50 countries across the globe. Home calls us to make a stand and to change our unsustainable ways of living by exploring our current devastating effects on the globe.

The CO2 emissions that were created as a result of the filming of Home have been calculated and offset with sums of money invested into providing clean energy. All of Yann Arthus-Bertrand's work in the last ten years have been carbon offset.

I recently had the chance to watch the documentary and loved it! The shots are jaw-dropping and the narrative simply moving. Most importantly the documentary is inspiring and is definitely a must see about our impact on our one and only planet, which we call home.

The documentary can be found on DVD, however, can also be watched for free here, on YouTube. Like I said earlier, watch the film and leave this page now!

Image: Home

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