From Rubbish to Art, "Art is Trash"

Sadly, while I have been traveling around South America, I have seen A LOT of rubbish in the streets. From small towns with tiny populations who are positioned by beautiful lakes to amazing big cities with millions. Frankly, it has been upsetting me every time I see all the rubbish piled up on the side of the streets, in the parks, in gutters ... everywhere. It's safe to say that I have had a lot of rubbish on my mind.

However, Francisco de Pajaro is one man who has been turning unsightly rubbish into art. But why rubbish? In an interview with Societe Perrier, Francisco expressed that "It's a portrayal of the monstrous side of humanity. I think that trash is a true place to express yourself".

Here are just a few images from Francisco de Pajaro's "Art is Trash". Perhaps it's time for me to get creative with all the rubbish I've been seeing...


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