How to Recycle Your Printer Cartridges

Do you have a printer at home and at work? Then like most people, including myself, you've had to throw out your printer cartridges at some stage or another. I always make sure to throw the cardboard packaging into the recycling bin; however, I have never known what to do with the cartridge itself.

Unfortunately, a typical printer cartridge mostly consists of non-renewable parts such as aluminium, steel and plastic. When thrown into the rubbish, this adds to the e waste that is making its way to our landfills. According to Planet Ark, Australians threw out over 18 million printer cartridges in 2005.

However, one of Australia's leading suppliers of printer cartridges, Cartridges Direct, have understood the impact that printer cartridges are making on our environment and are doing their bit by showing us how to correctly recycle them!

Unfortunately, the collection and sorting facilities that local councils provide aren't equipped to have the cartridges manually separated. To have cartridges recycled, they need to be collected by established organisations that can do this.

Luckily, Cartridges Direct has listed a number of these companies on their blog post, which also outlines the full environmental impact these cartridges have if they end up as landfill, and how individuals can make a difference to our planet simply by recycling their cartridges correctly.

Check out the full blog post here and see how this company is making a difference in their field and how you can too!

Image: Cartridges for Planet Ark


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