How you can save our natural world from plastic

For the last two to three weeks, the above video for the film 'Midway' has made the rounds on my personal Facebook wall several times! Except, I'm only finally sharing it on Project Seeds.

I once read a while ago that trying to 'scare' people into action sometimes had the opposite effect. Sometimes, by being so overwhelmed by the negative imagery and doomsday news titles, people chose inaction instead. Perhaps they felt that an issue was much to big for them to be able to make any real change.

Luckily, in an instance like the one shown in 'Midway', where discarded rubbish and harmful plastics are making their way into our natural environment and impacting upon our flora and fauna, we can make a real difference!

One of the simplest ways to make a positive change is by re-using products which can be reused. We can also save our oceans and the creatures which live in and around our oceans by recycling.
We can get even bolder by asking big corporations and small local businesses to be more mindful in the products that they are producing and distributing. This could mean asking them to ensure all products and packaging can be recycled or better yet, are bio-degradable!

With many businesses utilising social networking sites these days, we can easily contact them, asking them to be more responsible. It's easy to also sign a petition being run by an organisation such as Greenpeace, or create your own petition on sites like or Avaaz. Otherwise, simply write a letter or an email to your local business or corporation, suggesting that you would love their product or service even more if they were socially responsible and used recycled or biodegradable materials and packaging!

In a few easy ways, you can most definitely preserve our beautiful environment and our amazing living creatures. You can and will make a real difference.

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