Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour is back, bigger and better then ever! The annual event, which sees people from all around the world turn off their lights in symbolism and solidarity for a greener and better world, is back on March 23rd at 8.30pm.

This time around, however, there are more ways for you to get involved, besides turning off your lights.
Earth Hour has grown to include the "I Will If You Will" Challenge, which has included people from all walks of life, posting a challenge for you to accept.

Some of the previous completed challenges have ranged from Kumi Naiddo dying his beard green if 10,000 people committed to Earth Hour to firefighters climbing a building of 96 storeys if 5,000 people agreed to use public transport for a whole week.

The aim of the challenge is to get people committed and acting upon greener, everyday actions, which all have a positive impact upon our world.

It's not too late to accept a challenge or start one of your own!

Head to Earth Hour to take action. Of course, don't forget to turn your lights off on March 23rd!


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