Zara to be Toxic Free

Zara, the world's largest clothing retailer has committed to produce toxic free items by 2020. Zara has made the announcement after mounting pressure from Greenpeace and its Detox Fashion Campaign supporters in a great outcome that shows the amazing influence and strength of people power.

Greenpeace's campaign in having Zara go toxic free involved nine days of public pressure on the large retailer, which included supporters of the campaign dressing as 'revolting mannequins' and rallying outside of several international Zara stores on Saturday. Supporters were also encouraged to contact Zara in order to voice their concerns about where their purchased Zara products had come from. Social media played a great role in this successful Detox Fashion Campaign and involved concerned fashion lovers contacting Zara directly on their Facebook page.

Although, Greenpeace initially opened dialogue with Inditex Group, Zara's parent company in 2011, it was not until last Tuesday that the organisation launched the campaign to the world.

The amazing achievement has resulted in Zara committing to the public disclosure of harmful chemicals entering our environment by at least 100 of its suppliers. The retail giant has also committed to acting transparently with the public in terms of how its products are manufactured.

To learn more about Greenpeace's Detox Fashion Campaign, head here. In the meantime, check out this video below for a very brief lowdown.

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