How You Make a Difference with One Dollar

Susie Porter

On July 25th, the amazing team at 1$day are asking you to donate one dollar! That's right, you can make a difference to the education and health of disadvantaged children from around the world with one little dollar.

The 1dollarday organisation's vision is that every 1 counts. Of course if you would like to donate a little more than $1 you are more than welcome too. However, the idea is that, on a collective whole, everyone is able to make a difference with $1.

There are four different ways to donate which you can do using PayPal, via Direct Debit, or cheque. The fourth method of donation can be made through a 1$ Champion, who can be a friend, a colleague or a relative who has volunteered to be trusted to collect everybody's dollar. If you don't know of a 1$ Champion, why not become one!

The organisation was founded by Sophie Barto and Robert Wilcher in 2011, which literally began in their home laundry room that grew to be their office. The other remarkable element of 1$day's organisation is that 100% of your donation will go through to 1$Day Limited. The principle recipient of the 2012 donations will be Save the Children.

To learn more about 1$ Day follow this link. Don't forget to let your family and friends know how they can make a world of difference with One Dollar!

Image: 1$ Day

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