Cool Finds: NYC

By far, one of my most favourite destinations in the USA was amazing and beautiful New York City! I found the city to be so alive, vibrant and very multi cultured, and well, just cultured in general. If only I had more time to discover every little bit that NYC has to offer.

In the time I did have there though, I did come across some pretty cool finds. 

Mind you, I did look a little strange by getting excited and photographing this Solar Compactor in Times Square. The cause of my excitement over a bin? Frankly, I haven't seen one before, nor did I realise clever things like this existed. It did make me wonder why Sydney doesn't use them. However, I was soon proven wrong when I learnt they were trialled in Mosman and Balmoral

Anyway, back to the awesome NYC (can you tell I think I'm in love?), I came across this very cool 'Living and Breathing Wall' within the NBC Experience Store. The wall was installed in 2010 as an initiative between Green is Universal and Green Living Technologies as a part of Green Week. To learn more, follow this link here.

Continuing onto Central Park, lies the 'Imagine' mosaic in Strawberry Fields, which pays tribute to the late John Lennon. The former Beatles member was a singer, songwriter, musician and peace activist, who dreamed of a world without war or strife.

Within Strawberry Fields, you will also find a bronze plaque which lists more than 120 countries who support the area as a Garden of Peace. These countries helped plant the flowers and have also donated money for the maintenance of the area, which lies adjacent to where John Lennon was sadly murdered. However, his messages of hope and peace still live on.

Across from Manhattan lies the just as amazing Brooklyn! Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is a must for any tourist, and locals. There I came across these 'love locks', where people have supposedly thrown the key into the water after locking it shut. Let's just hope the locks have been reused of course! ;)

Continuing across the bridge into Brooklyn lies this flea market. The only key difference here is that the market has been assembled using old shipping containers. Unfortunately, as we were driving past I never got to explore the market myself. However, for more information, head on here.

Remember, if you have anything eco friendly to share, or come across something encouraging social goodness, send it right through! I'm a total geek when it comes to those things... I mean, who seriously gets excited over a bin?

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