Cardboard Furniture

Yes, Project Seeders, you read the title of this post correctly. Be prepared to forget everything you think you know about cardboard, and let Karton unfold a whole new world of furniture for you.

As suggested, Karton is a company who create and sell furniture made of cardboard! Their products are delivered to you, are easy to assemble (or should I say 'unfold') and perfect for moving and storing away. Karton's impressive product line ranges from bedding, working and storage furniture to cardboard decorations.

They are all stable, durable and affordable. You can also decorate and paint them if you wish, plus they are 100% recyclable!

To learn more about Karton, follow this link here. Don't forget to check out the below video on how the furniture unfolds.

Also, thank you to my sister, Angelina, for recommending Karton to me!

Images: Karton

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