Time for day time TV and Celebrity Do-Gooders

As of last Friday, 27th April, I have been unemployed. By choice! The time has come for me to focus solely on filmmaking and working for social causes, and after my one month long trip to the USA, I will start the job hunt in the two fields I love.

In the meantime though, before I head overseas,  I have had some time to work on a short video I'm entering in for a competition (more here), and to watch day time television.

So what has that got to do with anything? Well, on today's episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show',
Ellen DeGeneres interviewed the beautiful Jessica Alba who talked about The Honest Company.

The Honest Company was founded when Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan got together in order to provide the market with baby and family products that were safe (from nasty chemicals), affordable and eco-friendly. The video isn't up of their interview yet, however, to learn more about The Honest Company, follow this link to their webpage.

If you're a fan of Alba, you can always follow her on her Facebook and Twitter pages where she shares her work with The Honest Company and their cute and sustainable products!

Jess's interview was followed by the handsome Scott Cann's from 'Hawaii Five-O', who is another do-gooder celebrity. Caan works with the charities Life Rolls On, Surfers Healing and Thera Surf, in which he helps people with special needs by taking them out into the surf. To check out the video from his interview, follow this link. Plus he has a photography book out at the moment that can be found here.

Image: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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