Stuff, stuff and more stuff!

As some of you may know, my family and I recently moved house. The home we were previously living in, we built and had lived there for about seven years. Seven years isn't a long time to be in a house. A lot of my friends and other family members have lived in their homes for most of their lives! But it did surprise me how much stuff I had accumulated in those seven years.

Going through your belongings, sorting them out and packing them into boxes is a very time intensive and frustrating task. However, I did learn one thing, that I owe way too much stuff! I can't even tell you how many garbage bins I filled to the brink with my rubbish alone (and there are another four people in my family). I recycled as much as was possible, donated to charities what could be donated, and threw the rest into the rubbish, which in no doubt has gone into a landfill somewhere, polluting the soil, water, air and ecosystems around it.

Now as most twenty-something girls, I do love shopping and buying pretty clothes, shoes and accessories. Or at least I did like the shopping. I have to admit, going through all my stuff has turned me a little off of shopping. First, if I have to move again, which I may be later this year, I have to pack everything up again! More importantly though, I keep thinking about all the useless things I had to throw out which is impacting our world, and not for the better.

This brings me to this great 20 minute video by The Story of Stuff Project I found. I would love to hear your suggestions about what you think the solutions should be.

In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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