DIY Garden Pots

At the moment my family and I are packing up our home and moving. During the massive culling of everything we own, we've come across a few ordinary household items that we've transformed into unique garden pots. The below two examples are simple and don't involve much time or effort to transform at all!

The below used to be an old sink we had in the shack at the rear of our property. Rather than throwing the vanity out, we've turned it into a garden pot and placed it against the outside shack wall. We have left the taps on, however, they can easily be removed from your new garden pot.


Old wooden baskets are great and can be easily turned into hanging pot plants. The compacted soil layer on the bottom of the basket will prevent the soil from escaping through the gaps, however, will still allow for water to seep into the roots of the plants. Here we used some old covered wires that we no longer use in order to hang it from one of the open beams.

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