The day Ken and Barbie broke it off.

...Well, according to Greenpeace anyway.

The latest clever campaign from Greenpeace has seen Ken call it off with Barbie, after he learns that her packaging comes from unsustainable logging and the destruction of the rainforests in Indonesia. Not only does the destruction of the forest speed up the effect of climate change, it also further impacts the habitat and survival of the endangered Sumatran tiger, threatens the Sumatran elephants and orang-utans and causes conflicts between local communities in the area.

Greenpeace are calling for people around the world to email Mattel, and it's CEO, Bob Eckert, urging them to stop the use of all paper and packaging related products from the company behind the deforestation of the remaining rainforests in Indonesia, APP. 

To get involved, and to spread the word to your family and friends, visit the Greenpeace Facebook Page.  An email can easily be sent from the Facebook page, simply fill in your basic details. 

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