Plastic Bottles: A Source for Clothing

Images: Earthtec

Not only are the plastic (PET) bottles a large contributor to landfill, however, once in landfill, they can take hundreds of years to decay, according to Wise Geek.

A few months ago we shared a Japanese invention which turned plastic waste, such as plastic bags and bottles, back into oil. But who would've thought that PET (polyethylene terephthalate) could be turned into clothes?

Earthtec, a company based in Portsmouth in the US, utilise a "game changing" technology that cleans, shreds, melts and recycles PET plastic which is then converted into polyester yarn. The yarn is then used to create clothing, which is on par with the best virgin polyester in terms of comfort, softness and durability, as per Earthtec's website.

By using recycled yarn, as opposed to virgin polyester, Earthec save approximately half a gallon of gasoline, and about 50,000 BTU's of energy. The use of their garments also keep about 12 plastic bottles from reaching landfill.

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