Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Here's hoping for an even greener 2011!

Last night the Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks were a successful and spectacular hit as usual! However, it was also a Carbon Neutral Event.

Below are the steps that were taken to ensure that the event was green, as part of the City of Sydney's commitment to a Sustainable Sydney.
  • Carbon credits were purchased to offset all emissions that the event would generate. 
  • Eighty percent of all rubbish was also recycled, with approximately 20% of the remainder non recyclable. 
  • Recycled water was also used to clean the streets and surrounding areas following the celebrations.
  • Personal ashtrays were distributed in order to help reduce the littering of cigarette butts.
  • Props and scenic designs were reused. 
  • Party goers were also encouraged to use public transport or to walk to the event and to leave their cars at home.
The event also saw the partnering with the World Wildlife Fund, who were also the official charity of the 2010 Sydney New Year's Eve Celebrations. 

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