Facebook: Unfriend Coal

Have you, like A LOT of people around the world, got a Facebook account? A profile which you use to find and connect with friends; share photos and videos; and use to keep up to date and yes, procrastinate on, from whatever it is you should really be doing? 
We definitely, unashamedly, fall into this category. However, it wasn't until recently that we even thought about Facebook's contribution to Climate Change. 

Unfortunately, Facebook, among many other companies which utilise cloud computing, data centres and telecommunications networks in the running of their business, is likely to consume approximately 1,963 Billion Kilowatt-hours of electricity by 2020. This is more than the current electricity consumption of Germany, France, Brazil and Canada. 

In order to encourage Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg to switch to clean and sustainable energy sources, Greenpeace have created a new, cute short animation. Check it out below, and let your friends know! Together, we can all send Facebook a strong and vital message! 

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