Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Part of the excitement of the festive Christmas season is the decorating! Unfortunately, this can also eventuate in some serious greenhouse gas emissions. However, there are eco-friendly alternatives, that will still let you have some (guilt-free) fun this season.

Many people tend to consume a lot of power over the Christmas period as a result of the lighting decorations. However, these outdoor lights are solar powered, and come with a re-chargeable battery.

Queen B candles are free of petroleum products and chemicals, unlike most candles which are made from paraffin. Paraffin is a petrochemical, which is also a polluting resource and non-renewable). The wick is also made of pure cotton as opposed to lead core and/or zinc core wicks. The candles are handmade in Sydney, Australia from beeswax, which also makes it slow burning compared to paraffin candles.

Image: Queen B

Rather than using paper napkins, it is better to use re-usable nahpkins. The below are from Etsy and 100% cotton.

From one of our previous posts, wrap your presents in newspaper this. You can always get more creative and mix it up with some feathers and/or other coloured paper.

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