Turn it off at the Switch

As most of you would know, electrical appliances still use power when they are on stand- by. Of course, the obvious culprits are Televisions, DVD and VCR players, gaming consoles, computers, monitors, set top boxes, and stereos.

But what about phone, camera and other chargers that are 'on' at the wall? Well, according to the 'Save Power' campaign by the NSW Environment, Climate Change and Water Government Department, chargers also use power, even when they are not plugged into your device.

Microwaves should also be turned off at the wall. Surprisingly, a microwave oven can use more electricity and thus create more carbon pollution, by powering the digital clock on the front than when cooking food.

Appliances that are left on at the wall when not in use, can accumulate to 10% of your annual electricity bill. This means that you are wasting $100 of wasted power, if your annual power bill is $1000.

For more information on how to save power, visit the 'Save Power' campaign.

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