Soy Inks

Have you heard recently heard about soy inks? That may be because soy inks are the eco-friendly alternative to traditional petroleum- based toners.

The ink comes from soybean oil, which of course, is derived from soy beans. The agriculture of the soy bean itself, uses approximately 0.5% of the total energy, which is needed to produce soy ink. Not only that, but the growth of the soybeans also temporarily remove green house gases, including carbon dioxide, from the atmosphere.

Soy inks are also beneficial in the recycling of paper. Soy inks are able to be removed more easily than  petroleum-based inks in the de-inkng process of recycling paper. This also allows the recycled paper to keep a brighter appearance, and causes less damage to the paper fiber during the de-inking stages.

For more information about Soy inks, visit Soya.

Image: Re-nest

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