Paint for the Planet

The below paintings are just a taste of what the 'Paint for the Planet' had on exhibition and auctioned, to launch the global United Nations campaign of 'UNite to Combat Climate Change'. The exhibition featured paintings from children who had entered the UNEP's International Children's Painting Competition.

To see the whole gallery, click here. Each painting also includes a powerful written message from the talented children who created them.

"I would like to express the need for everyone to act, as climate change is happening now. The silhouette of a figure in my painting represents the governments' and global businesses' idle hold over the world. In the background red, oranges and yellows represent the fossil fuel power plants and the warming of the planet while those that could act use the umbrella to shelter behind. The umbrella illustrates the world being turned inside out by the wind. My wish is that everyone should take care of the environment."
-Charlotte Sullivan, 13, United Kingdom

"If our generation is to be our planet's future, then our world leaders must be our models and friends. They must tell us their worries, give us guidance, take new initiatives for our cause, but at the same time remain someone we can trust. We cry for a change. When will we receive it?"

"Save our planet."

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