Kiribati: An Island Under Threat

Kiribati is a beautiful island nation located between Australia and Hawaii. Made of 32 low laying atolls, and one raised coral island, it boasts a range of natural beauties from unspoiled reefs to crystal blue lagoons.

However, this island nation is also under threat from the effects of climate change, which include rising sea levels, severe coastal erosion and salt inundation. As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald last week, Kiribati is hosting The Tarawa Climate Change Conference. Andrew Teem, a senior policy advisor to the Kiribati President, hopes to magnify the need to address climate change immediately, by demonstrating the impacts that climate change has already had on the Pacific nation.

The conference is sceduled to commence tomorrow, Tuesday 9th November, and will include 19 representatives from Australia, Cuba, New Zealand, the UK, the US, the European Union, and various countries from Asia.

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