Guilt Free Chocolate

Guilt free chocolate? It sounds like a dream come true. Check out the below to see how these businesses are greening their sweets and business practices.

Image: Guardian

Marks and Spencer have a chocolate tray that can not only be composted, but disappears when held under a running tap! The tray, which is made of corn starch was developed by an Australian company, and takes about three weeks to decompose.

The Fat Turkey Chocolate Company uses ingredients made from local and organic products, and little water in the production of their chocolates. The company also utilises material that dissolves in water and is based on corn starch, in the form of their alternative Styrofoam delivery packaging.

TerraPass, Bloomsberry & Co and Whole Foods Markets have teamed up to present Climate Change Chocolate. The chocolate wrapper includes 15 tips on how you can lighten your greenhouse gas footprint. It also comes with a 133 pounds of carbon dioxide offset, as verified by Terrapass, which is also the average CO2 impact of Americans.

Not only do Dagoba make chocolates from organic and exotic ingredients, they purchase green power for their manufacturing plants, sponsor re-forestation programs in Costa Rica, and create recycled content packaging with soy based inks.

Not only are these goodies good for your taste buds but they're easy on our Earth too.

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